Why Earplugs For Sleeping DON’T WORK FOR Snoring, Barking, Crickets, Birds, & Noisy Neighbors!

Even the best earplugs for sleeping ONLY ADDRESS ONE OF THE TWO PATHS of sound travel.
That is why you can still hear a snoring partner, barking and other sleep destroying sounds so clearly, even when using the best “earplugs for sleeping” on earth.

Only about 20% of people who use earplugs for sleeping are actually satisfied with the fact that they merely reduce the volume of the snoring, rather than totally eliminate it.

The rest of us are looking for total elimination because being able to hear those sounds turning on and off at all (even a little bit) is enough to ruin our sleep.

It is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANY EARPLUGS to do anything AT ALL about the significant portion of the sound that travels through your flesh, bone, and cartilage, KNOWN AS BONE CONDUCTION!
It is literally like trying to stop two leaks in a dam with only one plug!

As the video illustrates, THE OCCLUSION EFFECT further diminishes the effectiveness of earplugs to the point where most of them are literally useless!

I made this video many years ago and while the illustration techniques are obviously outdated, it still does an adequate job of demonstrating why people are getting sub-par results, even if they spend extra money on custom made earplugs “for sleeping”.

ALL companies that market so-called earplugs “for snoring”, noise cancelling headphones “for snoring” & noise cancelling headphones “for sleeping” DO NOT TELL YOU that bone conduction and the occlusion effect are THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS to consider when looking for audio sleep disturbance and snoring solutions!

The fact is… they know this too, but they don’t even mention it!
Did you know that over half of the volume of the snoring noise simply bypasses ANYTHING that you may use to obstruct your ear canal? Whether it is an earplug, a noise cancelling device or whatever?

If you have tried them, you already know that earplugs, noise cancelling headphones and white noise offer only a slight reduction in the snoring sound that you hear, making them very poor snoring aids.

A different snoring aid approach is required if you want to sleep COMPLETELY UNAFFECTED by the sound of your partner’s same room snoring.

New research has revealed that it is actually the erratic, intermittent (on and off) nature of snoring noise that keeps you awake and that marginally reducing the volume of that inconsistent fluctuation (as all previous self protection snoring aids do) will not allow you to sleep peacefully, next to a snoring partner.
And… Intermittent sounds do not have to be loud at all to ruin your sleep!

Think of a dripping faucet or a dog barking a block away. It keeps you awake at night, but it isn’t really a “volume” issue is it? The barking has lost much of it’s original decibel level by the time it reaches your ears.

Sure some snoring is loud, but for most people that simply is not what keeps them awake all night. It is being able to hear the agitating snoring turning on and off at all, which creates the need for a better snoring sound solution.

SnorEraser (a new invention) works by keeping your inner ear busy with a highly efficient, relaxing, smooth sound that has the optimum profile to eliminate hearing the snoring turning on and off completely.

Try it right here on YouTube for free and find out why people are watching it for over 1.5 million minutes per month!


 ONLY SNORERASER makes it possible to completely hide the snoring, without exceeding the volume of the snoring. White noise for example, has to be played at about 2 1/2 times the volume of snoring to cover it up, making it nearly useless as a snoring aid.
Keeping your inner ear occupied, as only SnorEraser can do, solves the problem of bone conduction and the occlusion effect, because the path of entry (bone or ear canal) simply does not matter at all. Because the true gathering point of the incoming sound, your inner ear is already occupied with a sleep conducive, smooth sound. Making SnorEraser THE best snoring aid for self protection.

SnorEraser is as easy to listen to as a fan or an air conditioner running smoothly in the background, but it’s exclusive sound profile blends with and covers snoring more effectively than any other sound in the world! In fact this method is THE ONLY METHOD (other than sleeping in separate rooms) THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO SLEEP COMPLETELY UNDISTURBED BY YOUR PARTNER’S SNORING, even while they are laying right next to you, sawing their logs.

This video is provided to show you exactly why blocking or covering your ears in any way, will NEVER be able to prevent you from hearing your partner’s snoring.

Compare many other snoring aids to SnorEraser, the ONLY method that actually provides 100% relief from partner snoring at – http://www.snoreraser.com/snoring-solutions/snoring-aids/ right now.

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