What Is the Pillar Procedure?


The Pillar Procedure™ is an FDA approved office procedure used to treat snorers and those with mild sleep apnea. Dr. Pasha is one of the leading providers of The Pillar Procedure™ in the Greater Houston area.

The Pillar Procedure addresses directly the most common source of snoring — the soft palate (the soft part of the top of the mouth). For select patients, this technique can performed in the office in one visit under local anesthesia by “freezing” the throat using sprays, gels, and Lidocaine. Three to five small, polyester “pillar” implants (2 mm in diameter) are placed inside the soft palate to cause scarring to stiffen the palate. This stiffening reduces the tissue vibration that can cause snoring and palatal tissue collapse. The soft palate will continue to stiffen over 4-6 weeks improving your snoring. The Pillar Procedure™ can also be used in conjunction with other techniques such as a uvulectomy or turbinectomy to address the soft palate and nose directly to reduce snoring.

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