What is Palatal Reconstruction?


Dr. Pasha has developed his own unique approach to reconstructing the back of the throat to treat sleep apnea. He essentially has modified an older technique called a Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty or UP3 and improved the method, which he believes reduces the side effects and improves outcomes. His version is much more minimal to better preserve function. After performing over 1,600 procedures to treat snorers and sleep apneic patients, Dr. Pasha believes that palatal reconstruction is a much-improved method than traditional approaches. He describes the procedure as a “face lift” for the back of the throat.

Sleep: Getting More Manna From Heaven

How to obtain back to sleep without drugs, when your mind starts racing at three in the early morning. Helping you get the Z’s you require.

Can’t Sleep? 3 Great Natural Sleep Aids to Help You Sleep Better

Are you sleepless or dealing with lack of sleep? Have you attempted over the counter sleeping tablets, yet they wound up leaving you a lot more exhausted in the early morning? Nearly everyone has had a difficult time going to sleep at one time or an additional, yet 10% of the general populace endures from a sleeping disorder or has difficulty sleeping on a regular basis.

To Have A Great Nights Sleep

Excuse the pun, however do you fantasize regarding having a wonderful evenings sleep? The amount of days have you been up? You should recognize that this is a miserable feeling, and also not only this, yet it’s not healthy and balanced.

Medical Based Products for Snoring

This write-up describes how clinical based products can assist you to stop snoring. Explains the advantages of OTC as well as prescription items in properly quiting snoring. Likewise lists items that can aid with snoring in the nasal, mouth and throat dental caries.

Types of Dental and OTC Mouth Pieces for Snoring

When looking for mouth pieces to attend to snoring issues is practical to comprehend the various types. You have a understanding of the OTC to custom-made oral mouthpieces after reviewing this details. You will certainly be far better able to make an informed decision about snoring mouthpieces.

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