Transoral Robotic Surgery

For select patients who have collapse of the airway in the base of the tongue at night, Dr. Pasha may suggest using the newest technology, the da Vinci Robot, to access the base of tongue. Robotic technology requires special certification. The advantage of utilizing the robot is to allow for better visualization and better access to the deeper portion of the throat.

The robot is utilized in the operating room while you are asleep. The robot is positioned and then, using a 3-D image, small “arms” are able to reduce the size of the tongue base using a variety of methods.

For some sleep apneic patients and snorers, the tongue may fall back during sleep causing obstruction and snoring. The purpose of reducing the base of tongue is to prevent the tongue from blocking the airway at night. Using the da Vinci Robot for sleep apnea is a developing technology that has not been FDA approved specifically for sleep apnea.

Meditate Your Insomnia Away

Reflection has been utilized as a tension buster among various other points and since anxiety is among the leading sources of sleeping disorders, it should have the ability to aid a person get an excellent night’s rest. There are different ways to meditate relying on the basis of reflection. Buddhist monks have different methods contrasted to that of the Japanese or the Indians or priests.

Insomnia Tips and Tricks

Rest is an all crucial task in our every day life that we take for granted. Extra frequently, we sacrifice sleep for even more time with job or to party. Rest is a requirement because this is the body’s method of dealing with all the anxiety it experiences throughout the day. Individuals with insomnia are not so fortunate since also if they have the moment to rest they can not.

Neat Tricks for Insomnia

Sleeplessness is a problem where you have problem starting or maintaining rest. Although not deadly on its own, it has a big impact in your life in addition to those around you. When you do not get a great evening’s rest, you will certainly still feel exhausted when you get up and also will certainly tend to be sleepy throughout the day.

Insomnia Roots and Causes

Sleep problems is a problem where an individual has problem sleeping. It is either in the early stages where dropping off to sleep is a big obstacle, or an individual can easily go to rest but keeps getting up a couple of mins later. There are lots of factors that bring out insomnia and these are physical, psychological or environmental.

Natural Remedies for Insomnia: How Lavender Aids Sleep

Lavender is one of the much more well known of the natural treatments for insomnia. As a matter of fact it has been utilized for a series of medicinal usages over the years and has remained to be a favorite of the cosmetic sector owing to its fragrance as well as its valuable results upon the skin.

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