THE ONLY Fix For How Snoring Causes Insomnia In Partners! Stop Hearing It Now!

Snoring causes millions of partners to loose valuable sleep every night. Because people don’t understand the root cause of how snoring hijacks your nervous system, making it practically impossible to sleep.

You need to reverse your thinking about how to eliminate the distraction caused by snoring.

This video clearly illustrates what causes snoring noise related insomnia and the simple fix that nobody even searches for, because they don’t know that it’s the only way to win the war against snoring noise.

The fact is “snoring causes” searches fail to resolve over 90% of partner snoring problems and therefore ACTUALLY PROLONG the non snoring partner’s insomnia.

Why this happens so frequently isn’t because of the quality of existing snoring causes solutions, although there aren’t many that truly eliminate the causes of snoring.

It is the fact that most snorers do not suffer from snoring sound insomnia.
They simply aren’t aware of it, don’t take it seriously or worse yet, do take it seriously, but are unwilling to cooperate in eliminating the causes of snoring.

And… That’s only the first hurdle!
Once you do get them to cooperate, you have to make sure that they use whatever solution you found every night, for the rest of your lives together!

People who already know these things usually turn to finding a way to eliminate the cause of snoring sound insomnia without the need for the snorer’s participation.
That turns out to be a very complicated problem in itself.

There is only one way to sleep with a snoring partner without being disturbed at all AND without requiring the snorer’s participation in any way. And THAT is the purpose of this video.

This demonstration is designed to give you a clear understanding of exactly how snoring causes your insomnia, why nothing else you have tried has worked, and exactly what you need to end your suffering instantly and permanently… FOR FREE!

A word about sleep apnea!
Although sleep apnea and snoring are not synonymous, meaning one can exist without the other and they often do.
And that there are those in the medical profession who would like you to believe that just about every snorer has sleep apnea because they make money doing surgeries, etc..

Sleep apnea should not be taken lightly!

If you or your partner have any detectable pauses in breathing during sleep.
You should find out for sure if this is affecting the blood oxygen, which can be very serious for the apneic person and can cause all sorts of medical conditions, up to and including death!

You should consult a doctor if you suspect this may be a problem.
But before taking that step, you should know that there are inexpensive devices that you can wear on your finger or wrist, that can detect this problem as well.

Your doctor may have you use one anyways.
They are called pulse oximeters and you can learn more about them, what they cost, other people’s opinions and more here… and here

I am providing these advanced anti snoring sound videos for free, knowing that they are drastically cutting into my MP3 download sales, which have been growing steadily over the past 11 years.

I am doing this because I want to help as many people as possible (especially in light of the pandemic) to finally find the answer to their snoring noise problems, while not knowing how much or if I will be compensated by YouTube at all.

YouTube measures a channel’s value by visits, watch time, likes, comments, and subscriptions.
Obviously, SnorEraser is helping a lot of people, because watch time is skyrocketing, which is awesome!

I understand that “sharing” the solution to hearing your partner’s snoring is like telling the whole world that they snore and for some people that is a concern. But, “sharing” isn’t the only way you can help this channel to grow and help others.

To keep these videos available for free, I need to reach 1000 subscribers as soon as possible!
I have taken the time to develop black screen versions of all 6 editions of SnorEraser and will publish them on the day that we reach 1000 subscribers, as my way of saying thank you!

Please subscribe here now…

Also… If you like what I am doing and want to help keep this channel alive and thriving, please comment, like, share, save playlists, etc.. These little actions can make a BIG difference!

Thank you and sleep well!

Please watch: “(82) #1 Non White Noise For Sleeping Near Snoring Sounds (1 of 6)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ”

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