Snoring vs Sleep Apnea

An estimated 15% of the United States population suffers from some type of sleep related disorder, one of the more common types being sleep apnea and snoring disorders. The first step is to review your history to determine if you may have a potentially life-threatening disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea syndrome or OSAS. The term “apnea” is Greek for “without breath.” Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder characterized by brief interruptions of breathing at night. This blockage is most commonly caused by collapse of your upper airway. Your upper airway begins with your nose and throat and ends at the entrance to your lungs in your chest. If there is a collapse at night in this system you may develop sleep apnea. One way to determine if you may have a sleep related disorder is take a quick screening test called the Epworth Sleep Test.

Signs of Sleep Apnea: Get Checked Out

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