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VitalSleep works for snorers who want restful sleep. It is a custom mouthpiece that opens the airway to treat snoring.

Hello! If you’re like me, you snore pretty heavily and you know what a burden that can be on your significant other if you’re both in the same bed. My wife simply cannot sleep when I’m sawing away at night. And we’ve tried multiple things to basically take care of my snoring. We’ve tried those nasal those band-aid type things, they didn’t work for me.

What happens is I wind up leaving the bedroom and going to sleep on the couch. Which is not optimal for me and my wife. So we had to find the solution to help me solve my snoring problem and I found something that you’re really gonna like. It is the vital sleep mouthpiece, let’s open it up and check it out.

Okay so what you’re gonna do when you get yours is open up the box and you’re gonna have a little instruction manual inside. Open up and take the piece out, the mouthpiece and what you’re gonna do is follow the instructions. You’re gonna boil some water like I did I boil the water for the allotted time. And when it’s done – just take it out of the water dip it in some cold water for a few seconds, put it in your mouth and it’s gonna custom fit to your perfect impression of your teeth. And I put my on my mouth now at night, I don’t even notice that it’s there anymore.

I sleep great, wake up the next morning, take it out put it back in the case and go out on my day. My wife can sleep right next to me, doesn’t have to worry about me snoring anymore. This has really been a lifesaver for us. I highly recommend the vital sleep. Aso what’s cool is when you look at the bottom here, the lower tray is actually adjustable, You can adjust it to decide how much air you’re gonna let it at night.

It comes to this little Allen wrench, you can just adjust it to your perfect airflow level. I have mine set to my airflow level and I love it. so yeah I definitely highly recommend if you have a sleeping, a snoring issue this is gonna help you solve that. That’s it, so check out the vital sleep mouthpiece. You are gonna be glad you did, it’s a great way to help solve your snoring problem.

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