Saying “I Can’t Sleep Birds Wake Me Up Every Morning”? Fix It NOW!

If you are saying… “I can’t sleep! Birds wake me up every morning!”… You will be amazed at how little volume (turn it WAY down) is required to totally eliminate the on and off sounds that are making it so you can’t sleep deeper into the morning hours!

It is the on and off nature of the chirping sounds that keep you awake.
And smoothing them out into one continuous, tone not only makes the most effective masking sound for the chirping, but it also creates a sound that your thoughts can drift away from, making it possible to sleep.

You just found the only high-efficiency bird (and cricket) targeted masking sound in the world!
This incredible, 12 hour long, black screen anti-bird and cricket sound video was created especially to solve your unique problem.
This is the one and only sound on earth that can blend away the chirping of birds in the morning and crickets at night, with the ABSOLUTE LOWEST volume!

Just start off at zero volume and slowly turn it up until the birds’ / crickets’ chirping disappears completely.
No special equipment is necessary because just about any device can adequately reproduce the frequencies that are required to completely hide those disturbing chirps.

This special sound is designed to be used at EXTREMELY LOW volume levels while totally eliminating the cause of your disturbance, with little or no impact on other sounds that are not similar to bird and cricket sounds.

There is no need for the uncomfortably high volume levels that people have come to expect when trying to get white noise to cover various distractions that it sounds nothing like!

Starting tomorrow, saying “Birds wake me up every morning!” will be a thing of the past. And you’ll face your day with a new confidence that you have found the ultimate solution to the true cause of your insomnia!

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This is the only place on earth where you can get them!

Are there any other particular sounds that disturb your sleep, concentration, meditation, and solitude that you would like us to produce a targeted, high efficiency masking sound for?
Let us know with a comment below!

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