Nasal Polyposis (Nasal Polyps)

Learn more about Nasal Polyps in this educational video presented by Dr. Pasha.

Nasal polyposis (or nasal polyps for short) consists of reactive tumors that are caused by severe inflammation.

Dr. Pasha and his staff utilize numerous methods to remove nasal polyps, ranging from in-office procedures (nasal polypectomy) to sinus surgery using stereotactic guidance, depending on factors such as the severity of the disease and risk of recurrence. Advanced techniques such as corticosteroid implants, which can be inserted in the office or operating room, as well as biologics (specialized medicine that reduces inflammation created by bacteria and yeast) may also be helpful.

Recurrence is a common problem with many types of nasal polyps, so the key to managing them is not just to remove them but to prevent them from coming back. Dr. Pasha will spend a great deal of effort in determining the cause and then providing a solution to prevent the polyps from returning, from specialized nasal rinses to allergy shots.

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