Do Snoring Mouth Guards Work? VitalSleep Snoring Mouthpiece Works

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Patricia Green from Canaan, NH shares her review about how the VitalSleep mouth guard worked when she used it with her home sleep study from her doctor.

Hi, my name is Patricia Greene and about a year ago I had a sleep test and the news came back that I had mild to moderate sleep apnea.

I had 24 what they called events in the night and that seemed pretty serious to me and the doctor. The sleep doctor said well you probably should go down and rent the CPAP which I did and I struggled to use it for a month or two but just realized that I could not deal with the CPAP and all the tubing all over my bedroom and everything so I brought it back and then I said oh no what I’ve got to do something. So I started experimenting with all of the you know pull the tongue forward, pull the jaw forward kinds of contraptions for the mouth and really didn’t find anything right away that I thought was comfortable.

Then I did try the VitalSleep and I have to say it was the most comfortable one that I had tried it was the most inexpensive one that I tried. Most of them were in the $100 plus range and this was about $69 which seemed great to me and I also liked the fact that it you could easily adjust it to be farther forward you know farther back that seemed great to me so I decided that I was gonna go with the VitalSleep and so I tried it for a while and then I decided to see if I could get my sleep doctor to give me a home sleep study with the VitalSleep in to see hey is this working or is it not working and he said okay he would try it.

So you know I brought it home you get it in this box and I slept through the night. About a week later I went in to see my sleep doctor and that’s like okay is this gonna do it or not and he said well you have now reduced your events down to eight events tonight which means about one an hour but the good news is that the events are hardly events anymore because you’re getting 90% oxygen or better during these short times that they call events.

So I felt like that the the VitalSleep had been totally successful and he did – he said keep using it I think you’re doing fine on it so that’s what I’ve done and I’m happy with it.

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Preventative Steps to Stop Snoring

If you or a person you appreciate is a snorer, you recognize just how interfering with the snoring can be. Not only can it disrupt your sleep, however it can also bring about a number of health and wellness problems including high blood pressure and also anxiety. For that reason, it is crucial to check into just how to avoid snoring from occurring to begin with. Nevertheless, while there are a number of treatment choices offered on the market, merely taking a few preventative actions might be all that is required to bring your snoring to an end.

Commonly Asked Questions About Snoring

If you or someone you like is a snorer, you likely have numerous questions that you would love to have actually answered. Besides, discovering more regarding the condition is the very first step toward bringing it to an end and obtaining a great night’s sleep. Therefore, right here is a consider a few of one of the most generally asked concerns concerning snoring.

7 Ways to Speed Up Aging

Going to bed on a full belly may help you sleep quicker, but as soon as you’re asleep, you’re more most likely to have reflux into the throat, resulting in more constant breathing obstructions and stimulations, resulting in ineffective rest. A lot of modern human beings have oral crowding as well as smaller sized jaws. Since soft tissues such as the tongue as well as nasal septum grow to their genetically determined size, the airway obtains crowded. This leads to more regular blockages when on your back (as a result of gravity) and also especially when in deep sleep (as a result of muscle mass relaxation). The more juices you have in your tummy when you go to bed, the more probable it’ll show up when you quit breathing.

Septoplasty Without Packings Or Splints

Among the most unpleasant things you can do to another person is to place nasal cram in their nose after nasal surgical treatment. What’s even worse is when you need to take it out. I understand what it seems like, as I had nasal packs after I broke my nose when I was six. I still remember awakening after surgery, with my nose entirely packed up, and my rest was dreadful.

Major Life Changes That Can Trigger Sleep Apnea

Frequent sinus infections, throat discomfort, ear volume as well as persistent cough are a few of the most common problems that I see everyday. You might assume that I normally detect and also deal with for routine microbial infections in these situations, yet most of the times, they’re not actually infections in any way. What I do find, nonetheless, is that if you probe as well as look back at the people’ history, there’s always some major life adjustment or recent occasion that functioned as a trigger for their signs, especially if their top air passage makeup is already narrowed or inclined.

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