Do Noise Canceling Headphones & Earplugs Stop Snoring Sounds?

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If you arrived here because you are searching for the best noise cancelling headphones for snoring, the best earplugs for snoring, masking sounds for sleeping, anti snoring apps and other ways of sleeping beside someone who snores, this is your lucky day!


Because… is the only place on earth where you will get the facts that manufacturers of devices such as earplugs and noise cancelling headphones conveniently leave out. Facts that will prove to you beyond the shadow of a doubt that your auditory system is much more capable than they would ever want you to believe. is all about saving you from wasting years and spending thousands of dollars trying things that simply are not capable of doing what you think is possible and what most people require, in order to sleep undisturbed, consistently next to someone who is snoring.

So… let’s not waste any more of your valuable time and get right down to some tangible proof, shall we?

Just do this quick and easy 3 step self test.

Step #1
In a fairly quiet environment and while keeping your mouth closed, start tapping your lower teeth against your upper teeth fairly rapidly at approximately 2 taps per second or so.

Step #2
Continue the tapping and after a few seconds, carefully plug your ears with your finger tips, enough to get a seal and again, continue tapping for a few seconds.

Now just repeat steps 1 and 2 a few times.

Your test is complete. That’s all there is to it.

Now, here is a question for you… How were able to hear those tapping sounds? Did the sound exit your mouth and re-enter your ears from the outside?
If so, how did the tapping sounds become noticeably louder and deeper when you plugged your ears? Try it again if you like.

You may not realize it just yet, but you just experienced two different physical dynamics of your ability to hear and even to speak properly that are major players in your battle against nearby snoring sounds! Ignore them and you are in for a long hard, losing battle, filled with sleepless nights! I know… I speak from experience!

Just like you… I was once amazed by the fact that there was literally NOTHING available at any price that could stop me from hearing my partner’s snoring. But over the last twenty-five years I’ve learned some amazing things that I can now pass along to you, in just a few minutes.

At you will discover exactly why…
Your amazing hearing makes it physically impossible for noise cancelling headphones, earplugs and white noise to prevent snoring sounds from ruining your sleep… even if you use them all at the same time!

But even more importantly than that… you’ll learn exactly how and why I invented the only thing in the world that makes it possible to effectively and consistently eliminate the secret factor of snoring that destroys millions of hours of sleep each night, all over the world. And all of this can happen without involving the snorer in the process in any way whatsoever!

No convincing, no embarrassment and no more kicking your partner to stop their snoring!

I’m Brian McKenna and I invite you to learn what I have learned, at

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