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Dr. Hedge of Cornell University shares his review on the snoring mouthpiece review of Vital Sleep. Learn how his new anti-snoring device helped relieve his snoring at night.

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My name is Alan Hedge and I’m a professor at Cornell University. I just want to tell you about Vital Sleep. I’ve been a snorer all my life and it’s disrupted my sleep.

Typically I would wake many times during the night, and I’d wake up feeling very tired. It also disrupted my wife’s sleep as well.
I’ve tried lots of things. I’ve tried;

• Throat sprays,
• Nose sprays,
• Breathing strips,

Nothing worked. In the end I even thought about surgery. But then I thought I would try Vital Sleep, and I did and couldn’t believe the results.

The first night I didn’t snore. My wife slept through the night, I slept through the night and it’s been like that every night since, so vital sleep is a product that really works.

I strongly recommend that if you are a snorer don’t bother with surgery, try vital sleep first of all because it could make a dramatic difference to your sleep quality and to that of your partner or anybody else who might be in the bedroom.

I love my Vital Sleep.

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