ASMR Chicken Empanadas in Red Chile Recipe with Momma Nugs

Hope you enjoy this video of my mom giving you her recipe of one of our favorite foods Chicken Empanadas

ingredients for Chicken:: boil 4 pcs of chicken breast with 3 pcs of garlic and 2 tsp of chicken bouillon (you can also substitute chicken with pork)

Chile sauce ingredients :
1 tbs of oregano
8 chile Guajillo
3 pcs of garlic
1.5 tsp of garlic salt
3 cloves
1 whole small onion
2 cups of chicken broth

Empanada ingridients:
2 cups of Maseca
2 cups of room temp water

Note: Topping you can have with these empanadas : queso fresco or your favorite cheese, sour cream and chopped lettuce.

SLEEP – Using the Five Senses

An excellent nights sleep can be achieved by using your 5 Senses and also Feng Shui. By taking a good consider your bed room, you might find points that might influence your top quality sleep. A Feng Shui room must be tidy, clear as well as unwinded. This is easily acquired, offering you the rest and also sleep you should have.

Who Protects the Payer for Patients With Sleep Disordered Breathing?

Health insurance plan are experiencing quick growth in the diagnosis and therapy of clients with Sleep Disordered Breathing. The area of sleep medicine is expanding at a yearly rate of 20-30%. Throughout this time of development health centers, doctors, and also independent organizations are capitalizing on this possibility by opening up Rest Labs.

4 Tips To Reduce Snoring While Saving Your Relationship

Exactly how many times to you hear people joking about just how their snoring is mosting likely to cost them their marital relationship? We all laugh and also take pity of the hapless snoring partner usually at the cost of the snorer. All jokes aside, can continuous loud snoring be a genuine reason that people different or get divorced? It certainly can be. If you can connect to how snoring can be a prospective offer breaker in your marriage then continued reading to find what you can do to transform “snoring” right into “loving”.

How Snoring Enhances Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Lots of people that snore could be not aware of it as well as it has been seen that much of them endure from rest apnea. This is identified by cessation of breathing for a duration of 10 secs which according to medical professionals makes it tough to deal with hypertension.

Snoring Linked to Behavioral Problems in Children

Based on the results of a recent research that was performed recently, kids that snore often every night are susceptible to reduced alertness and tend to be at the risk of having behavior problems later on in life. Most of the issues include attention deficit disorder, aggressive behavior patterns and also reduced focus.

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