Anti Snoring Sounds + Anti Bird Sounds For Sleeping Deeper Into The Morning (BLACK SCREEN)

These anti bird and anti snoring sounds (in black screen) are intended to be used with just enough volume to cover the sounds of chirping / snoring (a lower volume than ANY other sound on earth). You will be amazed at how little volume is required to reach that magic point (when you use them as recommended).
Follow this link to learn how to use the lowest volume possible…

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to crank the volume way up (which is an unfortunate side effect of people using ineffective generic “relaxing” white noises).

Start at zero volume and gradually increase the volume until the bird chirping/snoring cannot be heard anymore and whallah… you’re done! In the future, just use the same volume you used previously.

SnorEraser anti snoring sounds are the most effective sound for covering snoring on earth.
However, they are specific to snoring applications and when birds start chirping in the early morning hours, it cuts right through the anti snoring sounds, making it difficult to get those crucial extra hours of sleep.

The anti bird sounds completely block out bird chirping at an extremely low volume level, so the anti bird sounds are added in the morning hours, at a much lower volume than the anti snoring sounds.
We have worked long and hard to get the volume combination just right for you!

 Fall asleep quickly and stay asleep with SnorEraser anti snoring sounds IN BLACK SCREEN.
7 hours later, advanced anti bird sounds are gradually blended in to eliminate the so-called “morning chorus” of birds relentlessly chirping and ending your sleep before it is finished.

The two superior masking sounds play together IN BLACK SCREEN for an additional 5 hours in a perfect volume balance to continue blocking out the snoring (and many other distracting sounds) completely, while the tuned anti bird sounds totally subdue the very annoying bird chirping.

The anti snoring and anti bird sounds are carefully crafted using proprietary technology to blend away the erratic on and off patterns of each sound, at the lowest possible volume level, so that you can enjoy your sleep, even if you sleep beside a snorer and birds frequently chirp outside your window in the early morning hours.

This video is provided with a totally black screen throughout the entire twelve hours of play. This eliminates the possibility of being awakened by any light coming from your mobile device due to playing the video.

Please watch: “(82) #1 Non White Noise For Sleeping Near Snoring Sounds (1 of 6)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ”

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