Airsnore Review | AirSnore Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece – Does Airsnore Really Work To Stop Snoring?

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Airsnore Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Review

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AirSnore is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that claims to offer better breathing at night by alleviating obstructions that cause snoring.

This mandibular adjustment device is manufactured and supplied by a UK-based company that also deals with health and fitness supplements.

This is our Airsnore review.

What Exactly Is Airsnore?

Airsnore is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that is pretty simple in design. It offers an alternative to uncomfortable, heavy-duty apparatus that traditionally come with fancy features such as screws, calibrators and tongue holders.

It is made of thermoplastic material, which is specially designed to utilize the power of boil and bite technology. It is made in a U-shaped to mimic the shape of the human mouth and has a large central hole that allows for free breathing.

Its lightweight is also something worthy of mention. Apart from ensuring the mouthpiece feels as natural as possible in the mouth, the manufacturer has gone ahead to enhance its durability.

The product’s official website claims that you can actually use it continuously for 6 to 12 months.

If that is true, then it goes without saying that this device would provide one good value for money.

But again, that’s just a claim and several factors might affect individual outcomes.

So How Does Airsnore Work?

Its method of working is not any different from what other mouthpieces do (or claim to do).

When you wear it, it gently adjusts your jaw towards the front and this effectively opens up the airway.

Snoring occurs due to partial blockage of the throat and nasal passage and this is mainly caused by the tongue and soft palate tissues.

When you sleep, your body muscles tend to lose their firmness and so they flop.

That way, if you sleep with your head facing upwards, the tongue and soft palate tissues effectively block your air-passage.

This explains why this sleeping position is often discouraged among snorers.

So to put it simply, this air snore review, can confirm that this device is meant for those who snore through the mouth.

But that’s not all.

Airsnore also has a solution that is meant to help persons who snore as a result of their nasal passages being blocked. Albeit, it’s a more expensive upgrade option.

However, if you take the upgrade, Airnsore also has a nasal drop that will help to clear your nasal passage so that you can breathe better while you sleep. Thus eliminating airflow restrictions and eventually, put an end to snoring.

Is Airsnore The Answer?

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