(5 of 6) 2.5X Better Than White Noise To Block Out Snoring Completely

SnorEraser Extreme is the most powerful and aggressive white noise for snoring on earth! (non white noise)
Use SnorEraser the ultimate white noise for snoring to drown out snoring with your screen off and even when you don’t have an internet connection!

This 5th video release of the #1 non white noise for snoring (SnorEraser Extreme) is formulated to block out snoring that is very harsh and raspy sounding.

Thanks to your support, the SnorEraser YouTube Channel recently exceeded 1 million watch minutes per month and is growing rapidly!
Together we can help millions of people to sleep better (for free)!

SnorEraser Extreme was created for those who have already tried SnorEraser Multipurpose and SnorEraser Original and may still be looking for a little extra kick to drown out snoring sounds from the grizzly bear in their cave.

But, please don’t mistake the name of this edition (extreme) to mean “best”.
The best non white noise cancelling sound for snoring is always the sound that most closely matches the timbre (sum of all sound qualities) of the live snoring that you are attempting to drown out.

I highly recommend that you start with the softest blend of smooth snoring sounds (SnorEraser Multipurpose – https://youtu.be/I13pge1-SWQ ) and only progress to the coarser edition (SnorEraser Original – https://youtu.be/uUpgUC_-LPU ) if it is not possible to get a good match (See detailed matching instructions here – https://snoreraser.com/youtube-help/) and then move on to SnorEraser Extreme, which is the coarsest of the three main formulas, as a last resort.

The reason for this approach is that you want to fully block out snoring with the least aggressive (smoothest and most relaxing) sound profile necessary to drown out the snoring, at the lowest possible volume. That is the whole purpose of LTMT (Like Timbre Masking Technology), to totally eliminate the distraction of snoring sounds while staying within a sleep-friendly volume range.

Here are the percentages of SnorEraser users who find their best match in a particular version:
SnorEraser Multipurpose (videos 1 and 2 of 6) 76%
SnorEraser Original (videos 3 and 4 of 6) 15%
SnorEraser Extreme (videos 5 and 6 of 6) 9%

That is to say that less than 10% of users need the “extreme” snore cancelling masking capability of SnorEraser Extreme, but it sure is a blessing for those desperate soles who need something more.

Between the three versions, SnorEraser is able to consistently mask 94% of all snoring sounds at a sleep-friendly volume level, when our usage recommendations are followed.

I am providing these advanced anti snoring sound videos for free, knowing that they are drastically cutting into my MP3 download sales, which have been growing steadily over the past 11 years.

I am doing this because I want to help as many people as possible (especially in light of the pandemic) to finally find the answer to their snoring noise problems, while not knowing how much or if I will be compensated by YouTube at all.

YouTube measures a channel’s value by visits, watch time, likes, comments, and subscriptions.
Obviously, SnorEraser is helping a lot of people, because watch time is skyrocketing, which is awesome!

I understand that “sharing” the solution to hearing your partner’s snoring is like telling the whole world that they snore and for some people that is a concern. But, “sharing” isn’t the only way you can help this channel to grow and help others.

To keep these videos available for free, I need to reach 1000 subscribers as soon as possible!
I have taken the time to develop black screen versions of all 6 editions of SnorEraser and will publish them on the day that we reach 1000 subscribers, as my way of saying thank you!

Please subscribe here now… https://tinyurl.com/snoreraser-subscribe

Also… If you like what I am doing and want to help keep this channel alive and thriving, please comment, like, share, save playlists, etc.. These little actions can make a BIG difference!

Thank you and sleep well!

Please watch: “(82) #1 Non White Noise For Sleeping Near Snoring Sounds (1 of 6)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ”

Causes of Sleeplessness and Important Steps for Good Sleep

Rest is required for survival and also healthiness. Most of individuals are experiencing a resting problem called Sleeping disorders. Sleep problems is normally called as lack of ability of sleep. 15% to 30% of people are confronting with the issue.

Symptoms of Insomnia

There is absolutely nothing worse than not being able to rest at evening. The symptoms of sleeplessness can differ from one person to another. For some individuals, fortunately, this is just a periodic thing. For others, it is in fact rather persistent, as well as they are considered to be insomniacs. It is not simply grownups that are influenced by insomnia either. Lots of youngsters have troubles reaching rest and remaining asleep, and also it usually receives their efficiency in school.

Dealing With Work Shift Sleep Disorder

There actually is no such thing as a “regular” job day any longer, as well as changes are all over the location. This is fine for a lot of individuals, as long as they are functioning the exact same change constantly. Yet, for lots of people who do move work, they are working various changes, as well as their bodies never obtain an opportunity to get made use of to one change prior to entering into the next. This can lead to numerous issues, consisting of trouble sleeping.

Do You Have Sleepless Leg Syndrome?

When you go to sleep at evening, are you maintained awake because you can’t hold your legs still? Does your spouse whine that you are constantly kicking him or her at evening? If you responded to “yes” to these inquiries, it may be that you have sleep deprived leg syndrome, additionally referred to as troubled legs syndrome. This is not specifically an uncomfortable condition, yet it is unbelievably aggravating, and also it can keep you from getting the rest you need, which can result in a great deal of various other issues.

Common Teenage Sleeping Problems

Teenage resting issues are fairly typical. And it’s not unidentified for teenagers to sleep in the morning or until noontime. It’s not that your young adult is becoming a careless sleepy head. It’s because their bodies are still establishing as well as undergoing modifications. You see, in late adolescence the adolescent body produces the hormonal agent melatonin later on than in an adult body. And also this changes the sleep-wake cycle. So when a grownup is relaxing in a night as well as desiring to go to bed at 10pm a young adult is still broad awake.

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