(4 of 6) 2.5X Better Than White Noise To Block Out Snoring Completely

This version of SnorEraser… the #1 non white noise for sleeping near snoring is augmented with binaural sleep delta waves. And has been our 2nd best selling edition since it’s introduction in 2009.

Download SnorEraser and be ready for anything, even when you don’t have internet access!

This special formulation of sounds for sleeping next to snorers uses the same sound profile as SnorEraser Original (video 3 of 6), found here: https://youtu.be/uUpgUC_-LPU

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SnorEraser Audio Profiles Offer An Excellent Platform For Incorporating Binaural Sleep Technology
This gives SnorEraser the ability to further assist you in fading off to a peaceful, natural sleep, while your partner is snoring right next to you.

Combining this technology with the incredible snore masking technology of SnorEraser gives you even more power to defeat your chronic snoring noise related insomnia problem. Making it the ultimate non white noise for sleeping next to snoring.

Each of the three main editions of SnorEraser (Multipurpose – “V1”, Original – “V3” & Extreme – “V5”) are also available in a Sleepwaves enhanced version (like this edition), which is based on the same sound profile as the “non sleepwaves” version.

In the Sleepwaves enhanced version, you may detect a very mild wavering between the left and right sides.

In 1839 Physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that when like audio signals of two slightly different frequencies are presented separately, each ear receiving it’s own, the brain detects the phase variation between the two frequencies and attempts to reconcile any difference.

As the two like frequencies blend in and out of phase with each other, the brain actually creates (interprets) its own third signal, which is known as a binaural beat. The rate of this “beat” is equal to the frequency difference between the two simultaneously played sounds.

For example, if a frequency of 90 Hz is being listened to in the left ear, and a like sound with a frequency of 94 Hz is listened to in the right ear, the brain will actually derive from this a third frequency which is pulsing at 4 Hz, which is the net difference between the two separate frequencies.

Extensive research has borne out that listening to binaural beats such as these, will cause the brain to begin synchronizing in tune with the beat. By creating a binaural beat at 4 Hz — A “delta waves” (sleep state) frequency — you can cause the brain to begin resonating at the same 4 Hz frequency, automatically inducing brain activity in the delta waves (sleep state) range. This same technique can be used to rapidly yet gently assist the mind into virtually any state (sleep, focus, alertness, etc..).

When the brain begins to synchronize with the binaural beat, in other words “follow” the beat frequency, the effect is commonly known as the Follow Response. This phenomenon was extensively tested and researched in 1973 by renowned biophysicist Gerald Oster of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, New York. This research on binaural beats and the Follow Response was published in Scientific American and opened the doors for future developments, which later came about in the area of auditory stimulation for the enhancement of brain function.

Since then, binaural beat technology has been endorsed by numerous scientists and doctors the world over. More recent research now indicates that the use of these brainwave audio technologies can even help to reduce memory loss and improve concentration. A 1997 study conducted by the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Duke University Medical Center indicated that binaural audio is also effective in increasing cognitive performance. The study reported that the use of binaural auditory stimulation can affect both task performance and changes in the moods associated with the task. Binaural beats in the delta waves frequency range have been associated with improvements in inducing a sleep state.

Of course, there are right and wrong ways to use SnorEraser.
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