(3 of 6) 2.5X Better Than White Noise To Block Out Snoring Completely

In this 3rd edition of the #1 Non White Noise For Sleeping Near Snoring Sounds (SnorEraser Original), we’re stepping it up a notch to a slightly more aggressive sound profile to drown out snoring sounds that are a little more coarse and raspy.

Use SnorEraser the ultimate white noise for snoring to drown out snoring with your screen off and even when you don’t have an internet connection!

If you would like to try a milder sleep sound for snoring, try SnorEraser Multipurpose (with or without sleepwaves sleep assist) here… https://tinyurl.com/y2w4mn7n
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The ability to effectively block out the sound of nearby snoring involves more than just tone matching. As long as a sound is fairly similar to the sound you are trying to mask, an equalizer could help you match the two tones.

But, tricking your brain to not recognize when snoring sounds are turning on and off requires something more. The sound must ALSO match the overall timbre of the snoring to become a true snore cancelling noise.

 Amongst other techniques, SnorEraser allows for the truest match by also matching the “graininess” of the snoring, thus making it nearly impossible for your brain to distinguish between the two sounds.

Your brain will relegate a continuous sound to background noise (like spending time near a waterfall). Even though this particular sound is composed of sounds that may be similar to your partner’s actual snoring.
However, as you are well aware, it is impossible to mentally “tune out” the snoring when can still hear it turning on and off.
That is part of the magic of SnorEraser… The key to efficient masking is “matching”.

It is actually the intermittent nature of snoring that keeps you awake and not so much the sound of the snoring perse.

The reason that there are three different main versions (timbres) of SnorEraser is to allow you to zero in on your partner’s snoring sound type and effectively cover it, with the lowest possible volume requirement.

Using SnorEraser Non White Noise For Sleeping Near Snoring Sounds is very simple. But, using it (them) in the recommended way is very important to your success.
Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our usage recommendations at:

SnorEraser Original was the first in the series and through a feedback loop with our early customers, we determined that it would be advantageous to produce two new versions. One which was even milder and more soothing (SnorEraser Multipurpose) and another that could take on the grizzly bears of the world (SnorEraser Extreme). So SnorEraser Original represents the middle ground.

It is important to select the right edition for your needs by the similarity to your partner’s snoring sounds and night by the name of the edition.
Even if you consider your partner’s snoring to be “extreme”, that does not necessarily mean that SnorEraser Extreme is the best match for their particular snoring profile.

If you don’t require a more aggressive profile, opt for SnorEraser Multipurpose. If you need something with more punch to get the job done, that is the domain of SnorEraser Extreme.

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